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This assessment will look at your digital maturity across the customer journey using key tactical areas alongside your ability to deliver and the importance to your company.

Evolution stages:

  • Defined – Getting your fundamentals defined, such as documenting the roadmap, having your data governance process defined, and having the right Martech in place
  • Adopted – Using your Martech correctly, with correct reporting, a consistent customer experience, with a Centre of Excellence and skilled workforce
  • Evolved – Having your ‘always-on’ content marketing delivered through personalised experiences, with all you data-points and Martech integrated giving you a single customer view and using these information to make data-driven real-time marketing impact aligned with a digitally enabled sales team
  • Optimised – Customer-centric and full-optimised customer journey enhanced with AI, ABM and an agile approach to change. You are a digital leader and disrupter in your market

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